Valérie Hallier - NEWS

Using biographical and everyday experiences, my work is conceptual and project based. The forms range from mixed media 2D/3D series to immersive installations, public art and participatory projects.

Whether using visualization software or flower petals, each project explores the dynamics between the natural, the human and the technological. -Hallier's work follows an integrative continuum that utilizes technology as tool and object, generating an exquisite tension between the humanistic and mechanistic sense of Being." Judith Escalona

My work seeks unexplored conceptual or sensory connections that can expand our experiences beyond the marginalizing “ocularcentrism”, the hegemony of vision as our primary sense. By stimulating all of our senses and by integrating the public’s own experiences, my goal is to offer spaces where meaningful experiences can be created..

Through practices and rituals like taking a picture a day (picaday), framing my whole reproductive history (Six is my magic) or visualizing “first time” stories (Défloré(e)s) – each project explores the absurdity and the poetry within the process of exhaustive study.

While recurring themes include gender roles, sexuality and relationships, the overarching theme guiding my practice is control— or at least the illusion of control. It explains my urge for exhaustiveness, it also shades a light on our disconnection with nature, our reliance on technology, and our relationship with our fellow humans.

Current projects like Scream Now, Infinite Drawing Therapy or Défloré(e)s focus on the experience of releasing or losing control through screaming, doodling, or becoming sexually active. There is a grey area where both control and its release can co-exist; I’m interested in staging this tension as a curated chaos.

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